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Since all of you have purchased products or are purchasing products on daily basis, what do you think informs your decisions? For most people, it is all about what their friends say about the product, or what they see on TV, and so forth.

The role of magazines like the Consumer Report magazine is to enlighten consumers about various products, service providers and other things that are critical for their consumer experience. They tell you about companies which manufacture products that are unfit for human consumption, companies with bad hiring policies, and those that are producing cutting edge products. All of the things they publish influence consumer behavior- for the better.

On the internet, a similar thing is performed by companies when they share customer reviews, product descriptions and so forth. Before you shop from them, you’ll have read and become one with the experience you’re hoping for, thanks to the feedback users/customers share. Essay writing companies that serve students rarely have such a plan.

Student Consumers and consumer reports

Students spend money on essay writing companies hoping that their money is worth something. They want essay writing companies to deliver on their promises; quality, proper customer care, fair pricing, fair policies concerning plagiarism and so forth. In the absence of consumer reports or raw customer reviews on these websites, students, who make a good part of these companies consumer base, are out of luck.

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Why essay writing companies should be reviewed

A large number of students buy essays from custom writing companies. a simple search on Google reveals that there are millions of them out there. Since none of them has a consumer protection system in place before asking for money, students need independent websites like to get what they see in other consumer reports. Ultimately, they’ll spend their money more wisely.

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